Airports, ports, trains, buses close in Israel

Strike launched Monday as talks with government break down

After talks with the government failed to end in agreement, Israel’s biggest union is launching a strike today that will close airports, ports, trains, buses, banks, universities, state ministries and municipalities. Unless a last-minute solution was to be found, the union said, the strike would begin Monday at 06:00 local time, although Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport closed at 08:00. “The strike will be unlimited and only a court injunction will prevent it,” Ofer Eini, head of the Histadrut Labour Federation, initially said. However, it has now curtailed the strike to a period of four hours.
The union wants the government to fully employ around 250,000 contract workers who are suffering from inferior working conditions.
[pictured: Ben Gurion International Airport, Terminal 3]