Airports warn of big EU-UK flight slump

Brexit could bring an air travel crisis next spring
Airports in the UK are warning that a massive slump in air travel between the United Kingdom and European Union may occur due to Brexit next year.
To avoid the worst from happening, an interim aviation agreement must be reached between the two sides, the airports say.
In a confidential report to the government, seen by SkyNews, London’s Gatwick, Heathrow, City and Stansted airports as well as Manchester say traffic will start to tumble as early as next March.
Passenger numbers between the UK and countries in the EU could fall by 41% during the year between March 2018 and March 2019, the ‘Brexit and the Aviation Industry: The Opportunity for Certainty’ report says. Without an interim deal, there could be 20% fewer flights from March 2018.
“With airlines, passengers and airports having to plan months if not years in advance, this has potentially detrimental consequences for UK competitiveness, trade, growth and living standards, which all become more significant the longer that UK and EU negotiators fail to deliver a new trading relationship or transitional deal,” the report says.