joins up with Amadeus solution

Swedish OTA able to bring airline-branded fares to clients, an online travel agency based in Sweden, has teamed up with travel-tech provider Amadeus to provide its agents with Fare Families, a solution that makes it easier to navigate complex travel choices.
Fare Families identifies and recommends the best fare to each individual customer, based on their individual needs.
It helps airlines too, to differentiate their offers by packaging booking classes, fares and services into branded products, with 36 airlines signed up to the solution. In this way, Fare Families “enables OTAs to showcase the full value of each airline’s offer”, the IT firm says.
“This not only increases transparency and travellers’ ability to select the fare that best meets their needs, but also increases airline and OTA revenue potential by upselling to higher value fares,” Amadeus explains in a news release.
TTG Nordic

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