Alcohol-free airline joins SkyTeam

Saudia, formerly Saudi Arabian Airlines, joins alliance

Saudia, formerly Saudi Arabian Airlines, has joined SkyTeam. It is the alliance’s first member airline from the Middle East. From its hubs in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam, Saudia operates a network throughout the Arabian Peninsula as well as the Indian Subcontinent and Northern Africa. The addition of Saudia brings 51 new destinations to the alliance’s global network, including 23 within Saudi Arabia. The airline is known for not serving alcoholic beverages or pork on its flights, in accordance with Islamic dietary laws.
Michael Wisbrun, managing director of SkyTeam, said that Saudia’s membership “adds value to the alliance by opening up the considerable Saudi Arabian market to our customers.”
[photo by Asuspine]

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