Alitalia execs and staff to get pay cuts

Around 2,200 staff to work less and be paid less

As Alitalia struggles to cut costs, salaries for top executives will fall by 20% and hundreds of administrative employees have agreed – via their unions – to accept reduced salaries and working hours.
“The chairman, the vice-chairmen, the CEO and board members have agreed to cut their salary by 20%, while the Alitalia executives have agreed to cut their salary by 10%,” an Alitalia spokesperson says.
At the same time, 2,200 administrative and sales staff will work five fewer days per month. They will see little difference, however, as 80% of their lost earnings will be compensated by the Italian social security service INPS.
“We all gave up something important, but we were able to fully safeguard the jobs,” Gabriele Del Torchio, the airline’s new chief executive, said. “This task was necessary. Now we have an equally important task – we are working on a new industrial plan to re-launch this company.”