All-electric ferry to sail fjords

Future of the Fjords to launch next April
An emissions-free electric powered ferry, Future of the Fjords, will be sailing Norway’s fjords from next April – the world’s first wholly electric vessel without a combustion engine, says the environmental organisation Bellona.
The 42-metre catamaran will carry up to 400 passengers at a speed of 16 knots, powered by two 300 kW electric motors, according to its future owner The Fjords. Construction of the ship is already underway.
The ferry will sail between two fjords, including UNESCO-protected Nærøyfjord.
The Fjords’ similar vessel Vision of the Fjords, chosen as ship of the year 2016 at an international shipping fair in Hamburg, is an electric-diesel hybrid.
The Norwegian Shipowners Association says that to meet the Paris accords against global warming, the country’s fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions will be halved by 2050 and reach zero by 2100. Norway’s first electric ferry, the Ampere, launched in early 2015, but with a traditional fuel motor that can be used if needed.

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