All-inclusive trend attracts luxury clients

Clients demand different activities and exceptional service

All-inclusive holidays are an idea that once meant simply: bed plus buffet. Now, however, it means much more. The rising demand for holidays where families and couples by the beach are fed easy meals three times a day is resulting in the changing face of the product, the evolution of the client and how the agent can capitalize on this constantly growing market. Clients, who often include multigenerational families, are demanding a variety of different activities, personalised vacations and insights into the destination’s culture.
“It’s no longer the old perception of having long buffet lines and watered-down beverages.”
One insider summarises the difference between the all-inclusive client then as opposed to now with one word: sophistication. Some brands are exploiting this demand by offering “world-class experiential dining” wine lists, five-star experiences and exceptional service. The sheer number of resorts in countries such as Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic means that agents just have to pair the best resort with the client’s needs.
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[pictured: Breezes Grand Resort & Spa in Negril, Jamaica]

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