Alternative fuels to drive change in cruise-ship design

Tech advances mean ships will no longer be powered by oil
Cruise ships are on the verge of an era of radical change in ship design, with alternative fuel sources revolutionising the cruise industry in the coming years.
The change will be driven by technological advances, where cruise ships are no longer powered by oil, predicted David Dingle, chairman of Carnival UK, at a Clia cruise forum near London last week.
“One of the biggest changes will be completely newly designed ships, and that will be driven by, more than anything else, the advent of new fuels,” he said. “Instead of oil there will be liquid natural gas and the design totally changes. We’re going to see some very different vessels driven by technology and environmental considerations.”
More immediately, Dingle said current ongoing concerns over global travel are unlikely to have an impact on the cruise industry.
“With the security situation we’ve seen no impact at all. One of the good things about ships is they are a little more secure,” he said. “Clearly the most important thing is to make sure our security with ships around ports is as good as it possibly can be.”
The rules governing the security of ships in port are covered by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), which Dingle believes are adequate – as long as individual countries adhere to them.
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