Always monitor your social media: expert

Social media can boost a travel business, but there’s a dark side
Social media is amazing, for travel agencies and the travel trade, but it comes with a dark side, writes John Frenaye at Travel Research Online.
He gives the example of a restaurant owned by two restaurateurs who are also politicians who are not very popular. This decent restaurant has taken a severe beating by thousands of people – most of them anonymous, sitting behind a keyboard – on sites like Facebook and Yelp.
Whatever they do to try to remedy the situation and reach out to the community, they can’t get rid of the poor ratings, which remain on the sites.
Frenaye advises that any business, including travel, must constantly monitor its social report card. When something appears that is negative – a post by a dismissed employee, a client who had a bad trip – it is critical that a business gets on top of it as soon as possible, or it can snowball.
Just publicly acknowledge the issue and suggest they call or email you to work on a resolution, he says. “Even if there is no resolution possible, at the very least it is showing that you are vested in your business and are willing to address the good and the bad.”
Travel Research Online

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