Amadeus creates its own cloud-based platform

GDS aims to meet demands of increasing data transactions
Travel tech company Amadeus is teaming up with open source solutions company Red Hat to build its own automated self-service cloud platform, Amadeus Cloud Services.
To meet the demands of its increasing data transactions, the GDS says it needed a travel application that clients could run on-site locally or access through public, private or hybrid cloud platforms. It chose Red Hat’s private cloud application platform, OpenShift Platform, to begin creating and running Amadeus Cloud Services, designed to meet specific customer demands.
As part of the project, Amadeus is increasing availability of its platform, while further streamlining operations through automation and reducing the time to market new services.
“At Amadeus we want to continue to get much closer to our customers from a technological standpoint; to deliver applications more quickly, and to provide a much more flexible platform that can adapt to change easily and can accommodate different business models in the process,” said Dietmar Fauser, vice president for architecture, quality and governance.
“Although we are still in the early stages of deployment, we have seen already that the flexibility of the OpenShift platform and the support we have received from Red Hat has allowed us to begin to take our application to the next level and expand it to a wider customer base.”
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