Amadeus launches data analytics for DMOs

Big data gives insights into the competition
For destination marketing organisations (DMOs) who are in the travel inspiration business, the competition for visitors is greater than ever.
Now travel tech company Amadeus has launched advanced data analytics designed to help travel destinations with insights into the competition and travellers’ intentions.
DMOs have in the past been bound by data such as visitor numbers only after the year is complete, as reported in Amadeus’ recent paper ‘Smart decisions for smart destinations using big data’.
This means they have been less able to take proactive decisions to attract travellers. DMOs need to know what potential visitors want, which rival destinations they compete with and how to get ahead of travel trends.
A new suite of products from Amadeus, Destination Insight, aims to give DMOs analysis of up-to-date travel data, by analysing billions of global air travel transactions in near real time.
DMOs can, for example, run relevant analyses of traveller searches and bookings to measure, adjust and build more effective campaigns. They can also view bookings to their destination versus competitors.
TTG Nordic

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