Americans pay 25% more to fly Norwegian

But airline is not alone in giving locals lower rates
Low-cost carrier Norwegian admitted this week that it charges customers based in the US more for the same flights than it does those in Norway.
If a flight is booked in dollars on the airline’s English-language page, it can cost around 25% more rather than on the Norwegian-language site
The airline’s communications director explained that the difference is a matter of the market dictating prices.
“In the US, demand for transatlantic flights with Norwegian is strong and growing because we have offered prices that no other companies can come close to – neither American nor European [airlines]. And when the demand in the US is so great, then the prices in that market will be adjusted somewhat,” Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen said in a statement to broadcaster NRK.
Norwegian is not alone in giving local customers lower rates. Cruise operator Hurtigruten charges almost twice as much for tickets on its US site than on its Norwegian one, NRK reported. It also charges more on its German, French, UK and international sites, NRK added.
NRK / The Local