Amsterdam Airport unveils world‘s first indoor park

Have a break, relax!

Projections of butterflies, animal sounds and cyclists all convey the feeling of being in a lively city park, which is further enhanced by images of famous parks all over the world on the park’s inside walls. Airport Park aims to mirror the peace and serenity these city parks provide amidst the hustle and bustle of their metropolitan environment.
Passengers can come to rest in comfortable chairs amid a variety of trees and other plants. From designer furniture covered in ivy to tree-stump seats and wooden picnic benches.
A beautiful 130-year-old tree with a special history points the way to everything the park has to offer. In its original habitat the tree was threatened, but it has now been given a second home at Airport Park.
Passengers will also find several sustainable applications at the park. For example, one can recharge his or her mobile phone by hopping on one of the bicycles that are used to generate energy. 
And then, there is the Park Café and its outdoor terrace where passengers can enjoy “organic hamburgers”, provided it does not rain too much.
In one word, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol wants to celebrate natural brand values with sustainability, inspiration and hospitality!
You may event want to squat the place. Check here:
Schiphol Airport
[pictured: Airport Park seats]


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