Angkor-Bagan joint marketing to start

Myanmar and Cambodia push new marketing plan
The tourism ministries of Myanmar and Cambodia are drawing up a joint action plan to market packages that combine both destinations, even though the two Asian nations are not direct neighbours.
A campaign with the slogan “two countries, one destination” will be rolled out, with a series of heritage-focused tourism packages that include Bagan in Myanmar and Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.
Further details on the Angkor-Bagan Tourism Cooperation are being finalised and the partnership is scheduled to be sealed during the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2018.
Edwin Briels, managing director of Khiri Myanmar, welcomes the idea, as the company’s Thailand-Myanmar multi-destination tours have already proved popular.
The news, coupled with the launch of Emirates’ new Dubai-Phnom Penh route, has prompted Exo Travel Cambodia to develop new tours. General manager Pierre-Andre Romano: “Both countries are very culture-oriented so it makes sense to combine them for tourists seeking cultural tours.”
TTG Asia

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