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Sparrow Aviation

Another airline bankruptcy in Sweden

Shortly after ceasing its only route, Sparrow Aviation has declared bankruptcy on its website.

Days after it stopped its only route between Kristianstad Österlen Airport and Stockholm Arlanda, the eight-year-old Swedish airline Sparrow Aviation has declared bankruptcy.

Sparrow Aviation has lived an eventful life since it was founded in 2010, operating a number of Swedish domestic routes, each of which had a short lifespan.

The bankruptcy was announced on the company’s website and the estate is being managed by the law firm Lindahl, where suppliers can report any claims.

As previously reported, the route will be taken over by the Swedish carrier BRA, to restart from August 27, although the connection will now be to the privately run Stockholm Bromma instead of Arlanda.

Sparrow Aviation’s Kristianstad-Arlanda route, which had been operated by the company for the last four years with up to 28 weekly departures, ceased on June 20.

Sparrow was a so-called virtual airline that did not have planes or crews. It ran the Kristianstad service with a Fokker 50 from the company Amapola Flyg.

The newly established Swedish airline Leap, which has taken over the remnants of bankrupt NextJet, has also said it will fly Kristianstad-Stockholm but has not yet reached an agreement with the airport in Kristianstad, reports.

Chequered history
Sparrow Aviation was established in 2010 under another name and based at Jönköping Airport. In 2013, new owners took over and a year later it changed its name to Sparrow Aviation.

The company took on the Kristianstad-Stockholm route as well as a new link between Gothenburg City Airport and Stockholm Bromma, both flown with a rented Embraer from BMI Regional. But the Gothenburg route had to be shut down when the City Airport closed in 2015.

Sparrow also briefly operated a route between Halmstad and Arlanda and a route from Halmstad to Kalmar and on to Berlin, both of which closed in 2016.

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