Another lost village found in Denmark

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Kirsi Pedersen

Archaeologists make discovery in eastern Denmark

Just two months after a medieval village was discovered under the surface of the ground near Odder, near Aarhus, the site of another village has been found by archaeologists.

Described in written sources dating from the Middle Ages, the village at Tollerup in eastern Denmark has so far emerged in the form of three courtyards surrounded by a ditch, ScienceNordic reports.

These were parts of farms that belonged to the village rulers. A cellar in the biggest farm was probably used to store ‘tax revenues’ – usually objects collected from the villagers.

“The interesting thing about this find is that we have

some very old written sources that [present] an entirely new understanding from what we can interpret from the excavation alone,” said Gunvor Christiansen, archaeologist at Roskilde Museum.

The excavated farm houses, measuring 15 to 20 metres long by five metres wide, date from 1400 to 1600 AD. Christiansen says that outside the larger market towns it is rare to find such well-preserved remains from this period.

A letter by King Canute IV records giving a village at this location to a bishop in 1085, but the houses excavated so far were built later. Documents refer to six farms and a manor on the site. It is not clear why the village was abandoned.

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