Apartments provide alternative for business travellers

Serviced apartments are little known but credible alternative for agents

It’s no longer exactly an insider´s tip, but it is still little known to travellers and travel agents. Yet serviced apartments are a “home away from home”; they give more space and also provide savings on travel costs. In terms of comfort, a serviced apartment can compare at least to a junior suite in a hotel, while rates can be 30% lower.
This is because the operators of serviced apartments cut down on the services that upmarket hotels must provide despite many amenities not being used due to lack of time. A private kitchen replaces the breakfast buffet. The cleaning does not have to been done daily. The front desk can be temporarily staffed. These factors pass the cost advantage on to the guest, according to apartment-search companies such as Boardinghouse Consulting in Germany.
[pictured: Apartments in central London by the River Thames]