Apps to revolutionize hotel room service

Virgin Hotels and Marriott let guests lead the way
Hotel chains are using smartphone apps to give guests control of everything from room service to the thermostat to in-room music and television – giving a much broader range of people fast access to such luxuries.
Once available only through the wired hotel system, room service can now be reached via the cloud. The relatively new Virgin Hotels virtually revolve around the smartphone, connecting user and room.
But legacy chains are learning quickly too. Marriott has a new app that allows guests to order services like extra pillows or car service up to 72 hours before your stay. However, it doesn’t let you order meals.
Some experts believe that paid Wi-Fi will become extinct, to be replaced by smartphones that will dominate the hotel experience from check-in through the entire stay. It will all depend on the functionality of each hotel chain’s individual app.
[pictured: Marriott hotel room app]