Are airlines making a mistake ignoring Economy?

Experts argue that standards are now too low for comfort
By crushing passengers knees, airlines might be shooting themselves in the foot, Skift argues. It appears to passengers that airlines are fighting for every high-paying corporate and business traveller while ignoring the vast majority of people who fly economy.
Economy flyers are seen as seat fillers, a booster of load factors and a variable price-sensitive market. Some aviation analysts argue that today’s economy product has become punitive, with standards now dipping too low for comfort.
“A 30-inch pitch is not tolerable for taller […] passengers,” says Robert W Mann, Principal at RW Mann & Company. “Basic Economy pitch won’t do for many, except for shuttles. It forces a survival-based purchase up, just to get that extra space. If you have to get any work done, you can’t even use the laptop in Economy Plus. That forces you into domestic First class, if you’re a productivity buyer. You have to buy into the front cabin. That’s differentiation by punishment.”
He adds: “Airlines have misjudged the push back from the back of the plane. While economy passengers don’t represent the majority of revenue, they do represent the majority of customers. It supports the growth of ULCCs (Ultra Low-Cost Carriers).”

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