Are holidays in Turkey safe?

Is it no longer safe to go on holiday to Turkey?
Travel bookings to Turkey are suffering a big decline after a year of terrorist attacks, with tour operators significantly scaling down their numbers of trips to the country. So is it no longer safe to go on holiday to Turkey, newspaper The Guardian asks?
Visitor arrivals in February were down more than 10% on the same time last year, according to one survey, and summer is looking far worse. Tui reports a 40% drop in summer holiday bookings to Turkey, while Thomas Cook points to a “marked shift in demand, with significantly lower bookings”.
Market research firm GfK says there has been a 32% drop in summer bookings there compared to last year’s 11% rise, and cruise lines have cancelled stops.
“I wouldn’t advise people to stay away, but I would advise them to make themselves aware of the reality of the threat,” says Henry Wilkinson of the Risk Advisory Group, which has recorded 258 terrorist attacks in Turkey in the past 12 months.
“But,” he adds, “the vast majority have occurred in the south-eastern provinces. You would have much greater cause for concern if you were in the security forces or military, or were in politics.” As a tourist, he says, “the likelihood of being caught up in an attack is relatively low”.
The Guardian