Are hotels safer in a world after bin Laden?

Hospitality industry assesses risks after bin Laden’s death

A significant number of Al-Qaeda’s commanders and operatives have been killed or captured under the Obama administration, not only bin Laden. “A small college library of material” was also taken from the bin Laden compound, providing a wealth of intelligence. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that hotels around the world are any safer.
The threat still comes from three sources: a lone wolf, a radicalised individual prompted into a terrorist act because of bin Laden’s death; a fringe terror cell, which provides logistical support to more militant cells; and a sleeper cell, meaning well-trained militants ready to lose their lives in a previously planned operation. A hotel is a porous, potentially high-value target with high concentrations of people, where a strike could cause an international financial impact and provoke media attention. It is also likely, of course, to have Americans – Al-Qaeda’s own most wanted – as guests.
[pictured: FBI website listing bin Laden as deceased]


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