Are older hotels in Denmark fire hazards?

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Inspection shows more than 700 hotels have poor fire safety
Fire safety is inadequate in many of Denmark’s older places of accommodation, an inspection has found.
Danske Beredskaber, the Danish emergency services body, says that more than 700 buildings offering overnight accommodation built before 2007 have poor fire prevention measures.
The issue was highlighted last year when the popular Svinkløv Badehotel in northern Jutland burned to the ground. It is currently being rebuilt and is due to reopen in 2019.
“I knew a lot of the older places had problems with fire safety, but I’m actually rather shocked that the figures are so high,” said Danske Beredskaber secretary general Bjarne Nigaard.
A one-floor building must have a simple warning system in every bedroom, Danske Beredskaber’s recommendations say, and taller buildings should have an automatic fire alarm system in every room.
However, as many as 615 out of the 837 older hotels that were inspected fail to meet these criteria.
The organisation recommends that all places of accommodation upgrade their fire safety measures, but the law states they only have to meet the standards that were in force when the hotel was built.
TV2 Nyheder / Copenhagen Post

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