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Atlantic Airways to start New York route

The carrier is set to start flying to and from New York from the Faroes, adding versatility to the many recent changes in ways to fly to the islands.

The Faroese carrier Atlantic Airways is aiming to commence a seasonal transatlantic service to New York in the autumn of this year according to FlightGlobal.

This comes after the airline had previously begun implementing its plan to serve the US city.

Few additional details on the plan are available in its newly released annual report. However, the company is indicating that the flight from Vagar will begin in autumn to complement its network of ten European destinations.

Atlantic operates year-round flights to Copenhagen, Billund, Bergen, and Reykjavik, as well as seasonal routes to Aalborg, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Mallorca, and Gran Canaria. It also has a new seasonal route to Paris, which will begin with services three times per week on July 1.

Simple Flying reports that the carrier will fly to New York with their A320neo aircraft, which it will take delivery of in May or June of this year.

Company overview
Atlantic Airways is also to take delivery of an additional A320neo in spring 2020. Its current fleet comprises a 168-seat A320 and two 144-seat A319s.

Last year it generated a full-year net profit of DKr16.2 million (€2.17 million), which is a significant increase over the previous year.

The airline says it expects similar financial results during the current year.

Island destination
Only three carriers serve the Faroe Islands – Scandinavian Airlines, Atlantic Airways and Atlantic Airways Helicopter.

The only way to get there from the United States via a single itinerary was by flying on a pricey combination of Star Alliance carriers, such as United and SAS, with a stopover in another European city.

However, since the Dutch carrier KLM recently began partnering with Atlantic Airways to jointly operate flights between Vagar and Copenhagen, Billund, Bergen or Edinburgh, passengers from around the world now have another way to transfer and continue on the same ticket to and from the islands.

The Faroe Islands, not currently as overrun with tourists as nearby Iceland, could prove to be a similarly popular destination for Americans with these new ways of flying there, especially considering the attraction of its similar natural surroundings.

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