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Photo: Aviation Tanzania

ATR 72 suffers violent birdstrike

The aircraft operated by Precision Air hit a flock of birds just as it was landing at an airport in Tanzania.

An ATR 72-500 operated by the Tanzanian carrier Precision Air hit a huge and dense flock of birds during a landing on Sunday, which changed the plane’s nose from white to red.

The aircraft with the registration 5H-PWD was on route PW490 from the capital and the airline’s base of Dar es Salaam to Mwanza, a port city on the shores of Lake Victoria. The flight was carried out without problems until the landing.

As the plane was in its final stage of landing when it hit the flock of birds, the Aviation Herald writes.

Countless birds struck the plane’s nose, cockpit windows and engines, resulting nothing less than a bloodbath. Fortunately the plane landed and rolled safely to a stop without injuring any of the 70 passengers on board.

The pilots experienced difficulty in seeing out the windows, while feathers, wings and legs were stuck in the windshield wipers.

Bird pieces
A review of the aircraft showed that there were bird pieces in several pitot tubes and birds were stuck in the landing gear and in the engines.

An inspection revealed that there were also countless dead birds on the runway after the violent incident.

The plane landed in Mwanza at around 15:50 local time. Since the flight was not registered with a Mode-S transponder, few other details about the flight are available, such as altitude and travel time.

Precision Air had its first flight in 1993, and the Tanzanian company’s fleet consists of nine aircraft, including two ATR 42-500s, two ATR 42-600s and five ATR 72-500s. It has 11 destinations, most of which are domestic.

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