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ATR expects surge in turboprop demand

The Airbus-owned plane maker estimates a potential for 2,770 new routes over the next 20 years.

The world’s biggest turboprop manufacturer revealed this morning that it estimates a surge in business over the next 20 years. There will be demand for 3,020 new turboprops during the period, it says, valued at more than $80 billion.

ATR, which is joint-owned by Airbus and the Italian firm Leonardo, explains in its new market forecast that one of the factors behind the long-term forecast is the expectation for 2,770 new routes, the news agency Reuters reports.

Around 30% of regional traffic by 2037 will come from routes that do not yet exist, added the plane maker. Cargo will also contribute to growing turboprop demand.

Regional connectivity
Since 2010, turboprops have represented 50% of total sales in the up-to-90-seat regional market, ATR says – a segment where it has a dominant position, its main rival being Canada’s Bombardier.

“The key driver for this positive outlook is traffic growth in regional connectivity,” ATR says.

“This comes from both traditional markets where less connected locations are being connected with direct regional new routes, as well as from emerging markets where the most viable solution for connecting people and transporting goods is turboprop air links.”

The greatest demand will come from Asia, with 43% of turboprop demand in the next 20 years, followed by Europe, Africa and the Middle East (31%) and the Americas (26%).

Nearly 80% of the total demand is expected to come in the 61-80 seat category, a market segment served for years by the ATR 72. The remaining 20% will come from the 40-60 seat market, a segment where the ATR 42 is active.

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