Attack kills 29 Christians in Egypt

Islamists open fire on bus carrying Coptic Christians
Another horrific terror attack has struck Egypt, as Islamists opened fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians, killing 29 and wounding a further 24.
Isis claimed responsibility for the attack. In retaliation, the Egyptian military carried out air strikes against suspected militant training camps in neighbouring Libya.
The Christians, including many children, were travelling from the St Samuel the Confessor monastery towards Maghagha on Friday when they were surrounded by eight to 10 attackers. Maghagha lies on the River Nile, about 200km south of Cairo and 350km west of the Red Sea resort of Hurgada.
It is the second time Isis has targeted the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt in recent months, after twin bombings that killed around 44 people in churches in Tanta and Alexandria on Palm Sunday. Isis has also beheaded Coptic Christians in Libya, massacred Sufi and Shia Muslims across the Middle East and savagely persecuted Yazidi communities in Iraq.

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