Aviapolis starts to rise near Helsinki Airport

In a few years the new town will be buzzing with life

The Aviapolis train station is virtually in the middle of nowhere at the moment, but in a few years the surroundings will be buzzing with life, Helsinki Airport operator Finavia predicts.

The first excavators have plunged into the soil and an office building is gradually starting to take shape by the northern station. Next door, there will be a new hotel with restaurants. This way, the first block will be completed simultaneously with the hotel opening in autumn 2016.

Aviapolis Station has been ready for some time and is awaiting rail traffic from the Ring Rail Line that will open this summer. The plan includes new apartments near the station for around 2,000 people, a supermarket, sports facilities, a pharmacy and other stores, and the creation of an estimated 15,000 jobs, possibly more, Finavia says.

Most of the apartments will be fairly small, likely to interest airport personnel, single-person households and people looking for a second home. Family homes will be built a little further away. There will be a bus terminal, while on the Ring Rail Line opening in summer it will take 25 minutes to reach Helsinki and two minutes to get to Helsinki Airport. The entire area should be completed within 10 to 15 years.

“In future, this will be a versatile business and residential area […] located near the airport,” Finavia says.

TTG Nordic

[pictured: Artist’s impression of Aviapolis; image courtesy Finavia]


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