BA cabin crew extend walkout to mid-August

Strike at British Airways now extends to August 15
The union organising the ongoing strike action at British Airways has added another two weeks of walkouts. The strike by the Unite union now extends to August 15.
Conducted by the lower-paid mixed fleet cabin crew working out of Heathrow, the strike is over pay and sanctions at the airline.
It has been ongoing since January and this latest extension means that a full month of strikes are now taking place during the summer holiday peak travel period.
Mixed fleet crew represent about a third of BA’s total cabin staff. But BA says it has so far flown all passengers to their destinations during the strikes, by merging departures, leasing outside planes and crew and rebooking onto other airlines.
“Instead of calling further completely unnecessary strikes, Unite should allow its members a vote on the pay deal we reached two months ago,” the airline commented.
The Guardian