BA changes short-haul fares

Airline brings fares more in line with easyJet
British Airways says it will give more perks to economy passengers who pay to check a bag onto its short-haul flights.
The airline has still to confirm changes, which will take place from mid-April, but they will bring BA more into line with easyJet in making it easier for passengers who buy the bag-inclusive fares to change tickets without paying an extra fee.
“Currently, if you want to change a flight, you pay £60 (€77) plus the fare difference,” a source explained to TTG. “Under the new rules, if you want to change days beforehand, there is no change fee, but you pay the fare difference and on the day you travel, there is no penalty if you want to come home on an earlier flight.”
Passengers with bags will also be able to select their seats for free 48 hours before departure instead of the current 24, giving them the choice 24 hours earlier than those who buy the hand baggage fare.
BA will also rebrand the two fare categories, which are currently shown on booking systems as ‘Hand baggage only’ and ‘With checked bag’. Agents are being briefed on changes they will need to make to Global Distribution Systems ahead of next month.
“We’re advising the travel trade of some positive changes we’ll be making to our short-haul fares to streamline them in response to customer feedback,” the airline said. “We’re telling the trade now so they are able to update their systems ahead of launching the fares with a phased approach throughout March and April. We’ll be communicating with customers as soon as all the changes are live in the selling systems.”
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