BA crew “can only afford Pot Noodles”

Flight attendant describes life on minimal salary
One of the 2,900 cabin crew involved in a dispute with British Airways over pay tells Sky News that staff have to eat the Pot Noodles that are for sale on their planes because they can’t afford to eat anything better.
Flight attendant Charly Bacon, 25, has been flying with BA for four years, starting because she was attracted to the glamour of flying. But now she is clearly disillusioned.
“You expect to be able to afford things like phone bills, rent and petrol for your car as well as work and love the job that you do, but unfortunately that is not the case,” she says.
“I’ve experienced friends having to sleep in their cars because they can’t afford the hotels around the area or they can’t afford the crew rooms. There comes a point where you think: ‘how much do I have to sacrifice?’.”
In the dispute, both sides are refusing to back down. BA has emailed staff warning that if the strike continues they will lose bonuses and perks for up to two years. Another four-day strike starts tomorrow.
Sky News

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