BA crew vote for Heathrow strike

British Airways attendants forced to take second jobs
Around 2,000 cabin crew working for British Airways – 15% of the airline’s total number of flight attendants – have voted for strikes in a dispute over pay.
Almost 80% of the employees voted on a plan to strike at London Heathrow after rejecting a 2% pay rise. Strikes could start from December 21.
BA accused the union Unite of “creating uncertainty” for passengers about travel over the Christmas and New Year period.
The dispute focuses on 4,000 staff who have joined the airline since 2010 on Mixed Fleet contracts. They do not feel they are paid enough.
Earnings were advertised between £21,000 (€25,000) and £25,000 but in reality start at barely over £12,000 plus £3 an hour flying pay, Unite argues. The union claims that half of them have to take second jobs to survive.