BA gets strike cover from Qatar Airways

Passengers treated to more luxurious planes than expected
The UK government has allowed British Airways to lease Qatar Airways aircraft and crew to deal with a 16-day strike. BA can now lease nine A320 and 321 planes and crew and is already deploying them on routes in Europe.
Passengers are being treated to much more luxurious planes than they expected, with one-quarter fewer seats, more legroom in Economy, on-demand audio entertainment and the return of free catering.
The 16-day strike was launched by what the union Unite calls BA’s “poverty pay” for around 2,000 of the airline’s mixed-fleet staff, who fly short and long-haul routes mainly from London Heathrow and earn less than cabin crew on earlier agreements.
“We will operate 99.5% of our schedule. Our oneworld partner, Qatar Airways, will be operating a small number of short-haul flights on our behalf,” a BA spokeswoman said.
“We have merged a very small number of Heathrow long-haul services and all customers affected have been notified over the past week.”
BBC / Independent

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