BA launches large-scale pilot recruitment

British Airways begins biggest pilot recruitment drive in more than 10 years

British Airways plans to take on more than 800 new pilots by 2016. Its aim is to use three combined recruitment programs: a new project to help people to train to become airline pilots for the first time, called the Future Pilot Programme; recruitment of qualified pilots from other airlines; and a joint initiative with the UK Armed Forces to provide military pilots with a career in commercial aviation. The first of these will help about 400 applicants to gain a place at an approved flight training school. Previously, people have been prevented or deterred from starting a career as an airline pilot, due to initial private training costs of around £100,000 (€115,000), which they had to find themselves. This program helps students to secure funding, which they can pay back later in their career.
The airline is also using YouTube as a recruitment tool for the first time. Anyone interested in becoming a British Airways pilot can learn more about the program and hear useful advice from current pilots from the clip on the company’s YouTube site.
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