BA pilots launch cockpit photo app

Passengers encouraged to share pics on social media
British Airways pilots have developed a new photo app for passengers to take away a souvenir cockpit picture from their flight.
All of BA’s 4,000 pilots will have the app, called View from the Flight Deck, loaded onto their iPads from the start of August to take photos of customers visiting the cockpit, before take-off or after landing.
The app automatically sends the photo, which includes a graphic showing facts about the flight – captain’s name, route travelled, distance flown, aircraft type and an image of the plane – to the passengers so they have an instant memento of their trip.
Customers are then, of course, encouraged to share their flight-deck photos with the airline’s social media channels using a special hashtag.
The airline brought in English actress Denise Van Outen and her daughter to be the first to be snapped for the app. She said, “I love travelling with my family and want to remember all those precious moments with Betsy as she grows up. I think this a great new way to create another fun holiday memory, and it’s a bit different to the photos you’d normally bring back from a trip.”
TTG Nordic

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