Bali locals flee volcano as tourists arrive

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Tourists continue to arrive in huge numbers despite volcano threat
Tourists continue to arrive in Bali in huge numbers – at a rate of 60,000 a day – despite fears of an imminent eruption of the Indonesian holiday island’s Mount Agung volcano.
Around 50,000 locals have fled the slopes of Bali’s largest volcano and authorities have told people living within a 9km to 12km zone around the volcano to leave.
Fears of an eruption have increased after more than 300 earth tremors and plumes of smoke emerging from the crater. Thousands of locals are now living in temporary shelters.
Planes flying to Bali are taking on extra fuel in case they have to turn back or change direction. The island has already been declared a natural disaster zone and Indonesian President Joko Widodo is flying to Bali today to get a first-hand view of the evacuation.
The last eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 killed 1,100 people, hurled ash 20 kilometres into the sky and remained active for a full year. However, the island’s officials insist there is no current danger to people in other parts of Bali.
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