Baltic tour operator suspended

Tourism authority suspends license of Travelonline Baltics

Lithuania has suspended the license of one of the country’s biggest sellers of leisure trips, Travelonline Baltics, over a disagreement about insurance.

Lithuania’s State Tourism Department, which is part of the Economy Ministry, suspended the license after failing to establish whether the tour operator had enough insurance to cover its holidays, a situation which has happened to the company before.

The move means that the public will not be able to use the operator’s services at least until the end of the month, according to the news agency LETA/BNS.

“It has been suspended after we were not provided all of the necessary documents to establish the size of the insurance,” explained Tadas Zentelis, head of supervision of tourism operations at the department.

“We cannot yet confirm whether the insurance they have now is sufficient. They have been instructed to provide the documents.”

He said that the license of Travelonline Baltics, which sells holidays by the Mediterranean, in the Canaries and in Thailand and runs local brands such as Easy Travel and Judek, has been suspended for ten days.

No one affected, yet
If the violations are not corrected over that period, the department will cancel the license completely.

“No one has been affected yet,” Zentelis said. “The suspension means that they cannot take on new obligations – they have to stop sales. […] All travellers who have purchased trips can proceed with their travels until something happens that would fully terminate operations.”

Operations at Travelonline Baltics have been suspended before, towards the end of 2015. The company then increased the sum it reserved for insurance, after which the tourism department resumed its license, a copy of which can still be seen on the company’s website. In 2016, the company’s sales turnover amounted to €6.5 million.

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