Bangkok airport is flooded as city is hit

Don Muang Airport operations considering relocating to higher ground

Flood waters have reached one of Bangkok’s two main airports, Don Muang Airport, and all flight operations have been suspended. One of the low-cost airlines using the airport, Nok Air, has suspended flights until at least November 1. The operational command of the airport – which has also been used as a flood relief coordination centre – is now considering relocating to higher ground.
As Thailand suffers its worst floods in decades, with 9 million affected and more than 350 people killed, the Thai government is having to open some of the floodgates around the capital and allow coordinated flooding in an effort to relieve pressure on dams. Residents in six areas around the city have been warned to move belongings to upper floors and move to evacuation centres. In many areas it may be more than a month before flood waters recede.
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[pictured: Don Muang Airport, domestic terminal]