Bangkok to see disruption in October

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Tourism itinerary worries ahead of King’s cremation
Business closures and traffic disruption are expected in central Bangkok when the cremation ceremony for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej takes place on October 25 to 29.
DMC Destination Asia Thailand, for example, has notified partners that it will not operate its Royal Palace and City and Temple tours over the period. Traffic disruption is likely, it warns, as roads will be closed and crowded with people during the ceremony.
New South Wales-based Guidepost, meanwhile, says: “We are wary of October 26, as we expect many businesses in Bangkok especially to be closed. We will [try to] avoid Bangkok on this day.”
However, Malinee Nitikaset Sunthorn of the Tourism Authority of Thailand stresses: “Thailand will be open to all tourists during the five-day period. There is misconception […] that it is compulsory for foreign tourists to wear black during the period. We Thais will be wearing black to mourn [but] we don’t think tourist arrivals will be affected.”
Some tour operators will nevertheless be advising visitors during the period to dress respectfully, wherever they are going in Thailand.
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