Beauty of Arctic beast revealed in new film

The muskox is extreme Arctic’s stoic heart, film says
If the polar bear is the face of the Arctic, then the muskox is its stoic heart, the Arctic Journal writes in a short article about the majestic animal that lives in a forbidding but changing icy world.
Living mainly in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, with small introduced populations in Sweden, Norway, Siberia and Alaska, the muskox is the subject of In Between, a short documentary film by German cameraman Rolf Steinmann.
The Arctic mammal is known for its thick coat and a strong ‘musky’ odour emitted by males during the seasonal rut, used to attract females during mating season.
“By spending lots of time in the field, I try to immerse deeply into the animal’s world,” Steinmann writes on his website. His short film, which also has a strong environmental message, can be seen here.
The Arctic Journal