Before the surge: what Chinese tourists want

Chinese guests have specific needs, according to Hilton Hotels

Hotels and travel agents in Western Europe and North America should adequately prepare for a wave of Chinese tourists over the coming five years. According to one forecast, there will be a 274% increase in incoming Chinese travellers to the United States in the next five years – partly due to a Memorandum of Understanding in 2007 that opened the way for leisure groups from China to the US. So that it can adequately prepare for the phenomenon, Hilton Hotels & Resorts has launched its Hilton Huanying program. In a recently released blue paper, the company points out that China has overtaken Japan as the US’s biggest source market in Asia.
In this article, Hilton offers three insights into the Chinese travel experience: shopping is a vital part of the Chinese travel experience, to buy gifts for family, friends and colleagues; the dining experience should have authentic Chinese food; and hosts should go out of their way to make the right recommendations for Chinese guests, particularly social ones.

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