Berlin Brandenburg may open in… March 2013

Safety regulations may not be installed in time for approval

Problems with fire regulations are likely to push back the much anticipated opening of Berlin’s new Brandenburg airport as far as March 2013, when airlines bring in their summer 2013 flight schedules, according to anonymous government sources. The new airport’s technical chief, Manfred Koertgen, has already warned that safety measures will not be installed in time to get approval.
The news heaps further embarrassment on authorities who recently predicted, just a few weeks before the scheduled opening date, a three-month delay from the original date of June 3. “It looks like March 2013,” the sources said.
The €2.5 billion Berlin-Brandenburg, which will replace Tegel and Schoenefeld, will be the third-biggest airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich. Airlines that have already sold thousands of tickets for flights from there face mounting additional costs.
[pictured: Berlin-Brandenburg Airport of the future]

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