Berlin’s new airport: half the doors now work

‘Good news’ reported by Berlin-Brandenburg Airport
After years of bad headlines, Berlin’s new international airport has released some ‘good news’ – half of all the automatic doors are now working.
The doors in the still unopened Berlin-Brandenburg Airport are no longer causing delays to the project, Engelbert Lütke Daldrup has told Berlin’s state parliament. Now 51% of the doors, designed to protect against fire, are working, he said.
Designed to replace the German capital’s smaller airports at Schönefeld and Tegel, and initially scheduled to open in 2011, BER has been delayed repeatedly by planning failures.
The automatic doors and sprinkler systems have repeatedly failed fire safety regulations. In January, authorities confirmed it would not be opening in 2017. One former planner has suggested the airport may never open due to fire safety complications.
The Berlin and Brandenburg state governments are expected to have to pay millions in compensation to airlines that planned for a 2011 opening.
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