Berlin’s new airport on target to open in 2017 (just)

CEO admits the deadline is once again getting tight
Berlin’s much-delayed new airport is still just about on target to open in the second half of 2017. But its chief executive admits that the deadline is once again getting tight.
The €5.3 billion Berlin Brandenburg Airport will eventually replace the German capital’s three Cold War-era hubs. Construction began in 2006, with the original opening date set for 2011. Repeated delays pushed that further and further back.
Now, a six-month buffer that new chief executive Karsten Muehlenfeld built into his 2017 deadline is being eaten away due to planning application amendments.
“Because of all the delays we have accumulated of three to four months, it definitely will not be on the first day of the second half of 2017,” he acknowledges.
Positioned to the south of the existing Schönefeld airport, on first glance Brandenburg looks as if it’s ready now. The new runway is in use, as Schönefeld’s is being renovated. But scaffolding is still stationed inside and the outdoor parking is covered with weeds.

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