Best airline marketing campaigns of 2014?

KLM, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Cebu, JetBlue reach out

As consumers become more connected and experienced, airlines are finding new ways to engage with them. More consumers are ignoring conventional ads, but airlines are more sophisticated in their marketing activities. and SimpliFlying look at some of the most creative campaigns of 2014.

In October, KLM took its social media customer service to a new level with #HappyToHelp, which looked for passengers around the world experiencing travel difficulties, responding with answers and support.

Airlines such as Korean Air and Lufthansa deployed food trucks as marketing tools in 2014. British Airways, meanwhile, used high-tech neuro blankets to track passengers’ emotions, asking passengers to wear headbands with neuro-sensors and sleep under a fibre-optic “happiness blanket” to learn their behavioural responses to inflight services.

KLM allowed passengers’ friends and relatives to leave surprise greetings on seat covers; JetBlue awarded free tickets to individuals involved in humanitarian work, then let them choose other deserving recipients of free tickets, and so on; and Cebu Pacific posted messages in Hong Kong’s wet weather about the Philippines’ many hours of sunshine.

[photo courtesy KLM]