Best and worst airlines on social media

Survey finds airlines that customers complain the most about
The two most hated airlines in the world on social media are low-cost, and the three worst are American, according to a new survey. By contrast, no US airlines made the top 10 best on social media.
Just how far America’s airlines seem to have slipped when it comes to customer service is obvious in the analysis, conducted by Florida-based marketing agency Fractl on behalf of charter company Stratos Jets. This is despite the fact that US-based carriers are currently posting record profits.
The survey analysed 1.3 million tweets about 70 airlines around the world during the last holiday travel period.
No-frills carrier Spirit Airlines came in as the number-one worst airline with a negative score of -0.15 (a perfect all-negative score would have been -1). It was closely followed by another discount airline, Frontier Airlines (-0.1) and the lowest-scoring legacy carrier, American Airlines (-0.09).
Five of the worst airlines are based in the United States, also including Delta Air Lines and low-cost carrier Allegiant.
No American carriers made the positive list, which is dominated by Korean Air (+0.57), Canadian charter airline Air North (+0.54) and German discount airline TUIfly (+0.53). TAP, Air France and Icelandair also feature in the top 10.

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