Best Christmas markets around Sweden

Christmas markets are found all not just in Stockholm

The Swedish version of the English-language website The Local presents its own list of about 18 of the best Christmas markets opening up around Sweden. Starting in the open-air museum of Skansen in central Stockholm, the main attraction here besides all the stalls are the vast array of activities on offer with everything from pony rides to a Christmas decorations workshop to a lesson in beer-making. It’s open until December 18th. Stockholm’s oldest Christmas market, however, is the Stortorget Christmas Market in Gamla Stan, which dates back to the 1300s and where visitors can eat smoked sausages, elk and reindeer meat. It’s open until December 23rd.
Other Christmas market described include those at Sigtuna, Steninge Slot, Drottningholm, Uppsala Castle, Liseberg, Gustav Adolfstorg, Haga in Gothenburg, Kalmar Castle, Södertull and Katrinetorps Gård in Malmö, Alster Manor in Karlstad, Wadköping in Örebro, Jönköping and Garpenburg Manor in Dalarna and a Sami winter market in Jokkmokk dating back to 1605.
The Local
[pictured: Stockholm; Ola Ericson/]