Best city breaks in Europe for cheap drinks

Research looks at cost of 10 popular drinks in city destinations
Budapest is the cheapest city to buy a wide range of alcoholic drinks, TTG Digital quotes new research as revealing. The analysis, in the City Costs Drinks Barometer compiled by Post Office Travel Money looks at the price of 10 popular drinks in European city-break destinations.
It found that all of the drinks, which include bottles of beer and lager, white wine, champagne, Southern Comfort, cocktails and dry martinis, are cheapest in the Hungarian capital at €27.80.
The second cheapest place for the drinks, which also include a gin and tonic, rum and coke and whisky and soda, is Prague at a cost of €36.45, while in Riga it totals €47.87.
Amsterdam is the cheapest western European city with a cost of €58.06, putting it at fourth place, while in sixth-placed Berlin it costs €62.44. Tallinn is seventh costing €65.08, while in Paris the round is €66.95, Barcelona €75.15 and Dublin €78.29.
Despite not being a city, Ibiza was also covered in the research with a round costing €60.65.
“The city break is now the king of holidays, especially among under-35s,” Andrew Brown, head of Post Office Travel Money, said.
TTG Digital