Bhutan opens up to luxury travellers

Private jet deal to boost access to little-visited kingdom

Bhutan is one of the world’s last beautiful but little-visited countries, carefully managing access to the kingdom from other countries. Now, however, the worldwide aircraft charter specialist Chapman Freeborn is to exclusively launch private jet charters into the country – a place where the national carrier Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines had until now been the only airline connecting Bhutan to the outside world.
The move means that travellers will have greater flexibility in reaching the remote mountain kingdom, which has become a favourite among experiential luxury travellers. Just a handful of exclusive hotel brands, such as Aman and Como, operate boutique properties in the country.
“As the only airline that links Bhutan to the outside world, the challenge to fulfil diverse air transportation needs has become critical,” Drukair general manager Tshering Penjore explained.
The exclusive agreement covers the country’s Paro International Airport, seen as one of the most challenging locations for take-offs and landings in the world and where all flights usually require a specialist Drukair-certified navigator accompanying them as a guide.
“This will appeal to private jet users in more mature markets like the US, UK and Europe and newer emerging private jet markets,” Chapman Freeborn’s sales and marketing director, Alex Berry, said.
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[photo courtesy Bhutan Excursions,]

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