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Bjarke Ingels shows concept (photo: BIG)

BIG designs new hotel for Copenhagen’s Tivoli

Two Danish brands, Bjarke Ingles Group and Tivoli, have partnered for a hotel development project in the centre of the Danish capital.

Today, at the Nimb Hotel in Tivoli, Lars Liebst, CEO of Tivoli, and Bjarke Ingels, founding partner of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), revealed plans for an H. C. Andersen Hotel situated inside Tivoli Gardens amusement park.

The project consists of refurbishing and re-purposing the 1893 Tivoli Castle, renovating the 1883 Panorama Pavilion and building a new 18-storey pagoda. The H. C. Andersen Hotel is named after Danish Fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

“Tivoli is a unique oasis of lush gardens and whimsical architecture in the centre of Copenhagen. A truly cosmopolitan neighbourhood in the heart of the Danish capital, Tivoli’s cultural and bio-diversity is unlike any other place in Copenhagen. With a renovation of the 1893 Tivoli Castle and the addition of a new building, we have attempted to capture and accentuate the character of the existing castle, creating a new typology inspired by Tivoli’s archetypical architecture,” Ingels says.

Founded in 1843, Tivoli is a historic site as well as modern attraction and experience brand. Its continued development is the key to the success of the iconic amusement park, according to Liebst.

Additional steps
In addition to the H. C. Andersen Hotel project, Tivoli, together with Birgitte Bundesen Svarre, CEO of urban design and city planners Gehl, presented an idea to turn busy Vesterbrogade into an urban park.

Gehl has designed a 10,400 square metre recreational space with only pedestrian and cyclist traffic in front of Tivoli and adjoining Copenhagen’s City Hall Square. The urban park will serve as a buffer area for big events in City Hall Square and in Tivoli and “will strengthen Copenhagen’s green profile as one of the world’s most liveable cities”.

After this initial presentation of the projects, the next step is to create and submit final proposals to the municipal government. There will also be a period for public hearings, so completion times for the projects are still uncertain.

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