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Ports of Stockholm

Big stride forwards for Sweden’s biggest port

Over 12 million people take to the sea to reach or depart the Stockholm region.

Ports of Stockholm has revealed its passenger figures for 2017, with just over 12 million people taking to the sea to reach or leave the Stockholm region.

Ports of Stockholm is a company that unites quays and ports in the Swedish capital itself, plus the outlying ports of Nynäshamn – 60 kilometres to the south of Stockholm and the main link to Poland, Latvia and the island of Gotland – and Kapellskär 90 kilometres to the north.

Passenger traffic at the combined ports remained at 11.7 million for the three previous years of 2014-16, so more than 12 million in 2017 is a leap upwards.

It also confirms Stockholm as one of the biggest passenger ports in Europe, not far behind the new European leader Helsinki with 12.3 million.

Big spenders
Ferry and cruise passengers spend more than SEK 5 billion (€506 million) in the Stockholm region every year, for example on shopping, hotels and restaurants, contributing greatly to Sweden’s ever-growing tourist industry, points out Stefan Hansson, chairman of the board at Ports of Stockholm.

The vast majority of them, around 11 million, are ferry passengers sailing to or from Finland, the Baltics, Poland, Russia and Gotland.

“Ferry passengers play a major role for the tourist industry, which is the most rapidly growing primary industry in Sweden today. These passengers […] fill the equivalent of seven average-sized hotels every day of the year and generate more than 4000 job opportunities,” Hansson says.

In April 2017, as another cruise season started, Ports of Stockholm reported that an expected 650,000 cruise passengers on 270 cruise liners would spend around €63 million in the city. The results were slightly below these expectations. A record 280 are expected in 2018.

“We have made investments and carried out major rebuilding projects at the [city’s] Värtahamnen port and at the Port of Kapellskär to create good preconditions to develop and grow as a ferry and cruise destination,” said Ports of Stockholm MD Johan Castwall.

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